Apex Racing League GT Championship

5Star Motorsport to debut in one of the most ambitious private simracing series around the globe. The Apex Racing Leagues GT Championship.

The ARLGT hosts a 25 minute sprint & a 40 minutes main race, mostly every weekends sunday, beginning from the 31st of January. We will start over at Phillip Island and visit famous tracks like Sebring, Indianapolis or Spa.

Pic. 1 – C8.R @ Montreal

Both our Maxes will pair together and field a Corvette C8.R GTE machine.
„We are already into setup production“, says Max Riedmüller „We certainly need to gather data to develope an adequate setup, so we are racing a lot these days. Also remembering the D24 is upcoming next weekend, where we do race totally different cars.“

Max Fritz, founder of 5Star Motorsport says „We are currently concentrating on preparing for the upcoming season. In this regard, we are looking closely at which series we will tackle in the future. Obviously we will do most of the iRacing Special Events alongside a lot of other endurance races, like IVRA, NEO & SCO later this year. But despite that we are looking into some single driver championships as well.
Therefore we are placing some cars in appreciated series. This also includes the Apex Racing League. We have three cars in their touring car championate already. Accordingly, in addition to participating in the DSRC in the future, we have decided to also compete in the GT championship to round out the package.“

Apex Racing GT Championship – Season 2 Trailer (2020)

Yet, normally both Maxes are not commited on GTE cars. „This is certainly a task to solve. I’m more into GT3 cars and really need to adapt my driving and especially my braking style. Though out of all GTE cars the Corvette is the most closest to a GT3 when it comes down to initial inputs and e.g. trailbraking. So basically I don’t have to adapt too much.“, says Riedmüller.

Fritz added „what Max [Riedmüller] says is quite right. We tried out all the other cars and braking really seemed to be an issue. But with the C8.R this is reduced to a minium. The car is easy to handle and super to drive. Load transfer is really good on this one.“

It remains to be seen on what the pair of the two is able to achieve. Watch live over at Apex Youtube Channel, starting from January 31st at 20 GMT.

For more information on the series head on over to the Apex Racing Leagues website: