BMW SIM GT | Round No. 1

The first round of the official BMW SIM GT Cup 2021/1 Season took place on Sunday at the Daytona International Raceway. And what a race this was. Both our Maxes joined in. And guess what, we even made topsplit.

Although we made it into the highest split possible, where there are the real top end drivers around the iRacing service, like the Max Verstappens, Max Beneckes and several others, we realized during qualification that we clearly needed more preparation time.

Pic. 1 – BMW SIM GT

Driving the Beamer wasn’t an easy task to compete, as the braking style differs way from the cars both MaxR and MaxF are used to race. So we literally had to relearn our braking style. This put us clearly in an disadvantage. That said, we only qualified on a sobering P38.

And then the following happend in lap 1:

Vid. 1 – Crash at the start

Just unfortunate. One could argue that we were not aware enough of the situation, but I saw this from the cockpit view as well and there is literally little to nothing one could do.

As a result we were 8 kph down on speed, so eventually had to take the extra stop and use the one available fast repair. That basically ruind all of our race.
Comparing our speed over the long run, we were able to compete somewhere around P25, which to be honest in our case would be an absolute decent result, given the circumstances and the fact this series is nothing short of the PESC competitve wise.

At the end of the day, we collected some dead bodies and ended up on P35, just about one lap short of the overall winners.
Now over to the next one.

Rewatch the livestream here:
Racespot TV live stream
See the series calendar down below:
Round No.DateTrack
1January 17thDaytona
2March 7thSuzuka
3March 21stSilverstone
4May 2ndRoad Atlanta
5May 16thNürburgring
Tab. 1 – BMW SIM GT Calendar