Daytona 24H 2021

Last weekend, the iRacing Daytona 2021 24-hour race took place. We contested in two different classes. On the one hand we fielded a GT3 and on the other hand a LMP2. The latter started in the 3rd split, while our GT3 entry made it into 2nd.
Pic. 1 – Lambo

At first it looked like a very smooth race for our GT3. We were able to keep up with the pace of the top for a very long time, sometimes we even set the pace. Since we saved a lot of fuel, we had a good strategic advantage over most others. That was also the reason why we were in very good spirits when it came to the podium at the end of the race.

Unfortunately, MaxR had a hard time in the early morning hours as we got hit from behind by a very careless Porsche GTE driver, as you can see in the video below.

Vid. 1 – Accident early morning hours

This completely unnecessary and totally avoidable rear-end collision almost completely ended our race. Not to mention our hopes for a podium.
„You recoginize this is a 24H race. People get tired and unconcentrated by time. We were the perfect example.“ stated Max Fritz.

Nevertheless, our boys gave everything and didn’t let themselves down. Despite a massive topspeed-loss (-13kph over the last 8 hours of racing), it was a deserved, but hard-earned fourth place in the end.

Pic. 2 – LMP2

Our LMP2 had a relatively unspectacular race. In an extremely competitive field, we were only a little bit short on pace.
Already at the beginning of the race though, we were victims of a collision in which an opposing LMP2 turned us around in T1. After that, we were condemned to kept chasing the field. Without the absolute necessary slipstream, it was not possible for us to close that gap again.

When, in the further course of the race, one of our drivers rather massivly damaged the floor, we also had a topspeed-loss of 8 kph. That said, all chances of better positioning were gone. Because even after an optional repair of almost 2 minutes time, we were still 4 kph down on speed.

In the end, our LMP2 took a relatively sobering but yet solid 13th place overall.

The next major iRacing team event will be the Bathurst 12 hour at the end of February. See you guys there back again. Up until then, you can follow several of our drivers in individual Championships of Apex Racing.

Pic. 3 – iRacing Bathurst 12HR