GSI Endurance by IVRA Rd. 3 Road Atlanta | Race Results & Championship Standings

A crazy season lies behind us. There were many ups and downs. So the last race also promised some action.

In each class several teams could still fight for the winter championship. So was our GT3. Again with a very strong performance, Adam was able to qualify in second place, but was unfortunately moved to the end of the field due to a penalty. Nevertheless it was enough to confidently secure the GSI Prime Award in the GT3 PRO. Congratz on that!

In the race, the team continued its previous performance and was able to fight its way back to the front of the field during the first hours. At the half-way mark, the car with Nico and Adam was already sitting in second place and did not relinquish this position until the end of the race, which meant that we were also able to secure second place in the winter championship. In the overall standings combined over the fall and winter season, the Lamborghini took home 3rd place. That is an absolutely satisfying result for us.

Unfortunately, our LMP2 was less fortunate. We’ve been struggling with the qualifying pace all year. Though our race-speed often looked relatively good. That was also the case this time. Although we couldn’t quite keep up with the top times, we were much closer to the top 5 in the race than in qualifying.

So after the restart to the last safteycar phase we found ourselves in 3rd place. Then the misfortune started: unfortunately we could not avoid a spinning car in front of us, which caused massive damage to the front of our Dallara. We had to go to the pit lane for two minutes repairs. Despite a strong recovery towards the end of the race, we still weren’t rewarded as our fuel cut out to one lap. In the end, a disappointing 8th place in the race remains.

Since we had already sat out the race in Interlagos, it was clear that we would not have any word in the championship. In the end it’s a 12th place overall within the winter season and 11th place in the overall standings.

We thank IVRA and GSI for the series and happily look forward to next year. 💪