What can we say? Our heart is broken. After an unbelievable good team performance, a very strong pace, where everything looks like a podium for both cars, the second and therefore last Saftey Car shortly before the end of the race becomes our bad doom.

Our #255 not only secured pole position, but was also able to set the pace for large parts of the race. At the restart from the last Saftey Car period, just 15 laps before the end of the race, a competitor lost control of his car and Adam had nowhere to avoid and on top of that was torpedoed from behind by another competitor.The broken suspension caused a completely undeserved retirement.

Our LMP2 suffered a yet so different but close fate. After the initial start mishap, in which we lost a good minute to the leading group, we were able to get back into the fight for a podium thanks to the first safety car. Third place seemed to be safe after the last pit stop and shortly before the end of the race until the second Saftey Car came out. Unfortunately we had to invest a lot on tires to close the gap at the restart of the first Saftey Car, which of course put us at a disadvantage now. No more grip on the tires, caused a slight contact with the wall, which resulted in a loss of top speed of about 5 kph. Thus in this narrow field we have been cannon fodder for those behind us. To top that, we then fell victim to a gigantic netcode that finally put an end to our hopes of a good placing 4 laps before the end of the race.

In the end it’s a saddening P9 for the GT3 and a P8 for the LMP2. 🏁