iRacing 6H of the Glen


Last weekend, after a one-year break, the 6-hour race at Watkins Glen was back on the agenda.

Unfortunately, the timing was a bit unfavorable due to vacations, so we could only put two cars on the grid.
Nevertheless, we went to the start with two BMW M4 GT3. Our Blue machine was driven by Jelle and Rune, while the Black machine started with Chris Thoms and Julian.
The preparations went well and we headed into the respective splits (2nd & 4th) with a good feeling for both cars.

Pic. 1 – BMW Action at Road Atlanta

Unfortunately the racecraft of some competitors was a bit questionable.
At this point we don’t want to explicitly blame anyone, but the general prudence among each other was poor. Some overmotivated LMP2 met some uncautios GT drivers and vice versa.

But let’s come to the race itself

After a good race start by both cars, we were involved in absolutely unnecessary accidents several times during the race. Unfortunatly I have to say ‚again‘.
Our Blue Machine could therefore not pull anything great and ended up in 10th place in the class, 10 laps behind the leader.

Our Black machine was also involved in an accident relatively early on, but was still able to finish in a very solid 3rd place at the end of the race.

Next up for us is the Hockenheimring in the Creventic Endurance Series next Saturday.