iRacing Daytona 24H 2022 | Race Result

The iRacing Daytona 24 hours race took place last weekend. We went to the start with a total of four cars. Three of them saw the checkered flag. None of the races went smoothly & we need to do something about that!

Pic. 1 – Race Results

But let’s start over at the beginning: It was that time of the year again. One of the biggest and most spectacular iRacing events of the year was coming up. The race in Daytona is always one of the highlights for all simracers out there. It fascinates hundreds of drivers each and every time.
Accordingly, the rush for the race was great. As Steve Mayers posted on Twitter, a total of 3911 teams and 15780 drivers took part in the event. That in itself is mind-boggling.

Both, our highest ranked car, the Lamborghini with #155 and the LMP with the #55 made it into the 2nd split in the main timeslot (Saturday 12 GMT). The GT3 with #255 made it into the third split, while the AM car with #555 tried its luck in split 22.

Unfortunately, the #255 didn’t make it past turn 1 without completely destroying the car. Here it must be clearly stated that we unfortunately could not avoid a spinning car ahead in the scramble. So for the car it was an early „to the garage“.
Fortunately there was a later timeslot where the #255 even made it into the topsplit.

At the beginning all cars were able to turn up well, but during the night we lost our LMP very early after an extremely furious incident, which could not be repaired reasonably after an extreme impact into the barrier. So the #55, which up to that point was in a promising 6th place overall, was out of the race after just 11 hours.

The #155 also got hit several times during the race. Even been in 4th place for a while, with an unbelievably good pace, we were also victims of the night and had to let down our guard accordingly.
In the end it was a 9th place in class.

Our #255 was expecting much more in the 16 GMT top split due to the lower competition. Unfortunately, the start of the race was not without problems and we were down on speed relatively early.
After several contacts through no fault of our own, we finished 8th overall.

Our AM car with the #555 was the only team to stand there for a very long time without any problems. Unfortunately, they also succumbed to the nighttime phenomena and were caught by opponents several times through no fault of their own.
Nevertheless, they fought on very bravely and were even able to fight for a podium place until shortly before the end of the race, when another competitor completely missed the braking point and our car was in the wall.
After another repair time it became a 7th place in class.

All that remains is a small closing word that needs to stand out here.
Overall, we were very satisfied with the preparations and we were absolutely sure that we were better prepared than ever befor a race.
In general, however, it has to be said that the racing standard has dropped insanely in recent months. All of our cars have been involved in several incidents completely through no fault of their own, where quite blatantly opponents have been driving far too aggressively.

Being intentionally shot down during the race (no joke, it happened to one of our cars) is an absolute no-go and something like that should not only result in harsh team-internal penalties, but also iRacing needs to take urgent action here. The level of agressivity is no longer acceptable to make it a good experience for all of us!

We think it’s time to finally do something about this. And we, as the teams, could start this process together.