Race Against Cancer & DNLS upcoming

Busy weekend ahead of us with both the Macmillan Race Against Cancer and the MAHLE 3 hr DNLS Race.

Both Maxes will pair with Michi Schrey on the BMW Z4 GT3. This may well be the last time we do roll out with the Z4, as iRacings upcoming BMW M4 GT3 will be used for further action in the new year.
After beeing very unlucky in the first race, we try to avoid contacts and thus far get a decent result in this outstanding field of competitors.

Pic 1. – BMW Z4 GT3 at the MAHLE 3hr DNLS Race

On the other hand the team will line up two cars for the 12 hour Macmillan Race against Cancer. The guys from RSRWS will raise a fund to help Children getting along with the Cancer. Until now we already got over 1000 GBP together. If you want to take on a donation, feel free to do so over here:


We will field our blue machine as a Corvette C6.R GT1 car driven by Max Riedmüller, Jörn von Wendt, Jason Cooper and Jon Ford.

Pic. 2 – Corvette C6.R GT1

The black machine is going to be piloted by Casper de Kort, Julian Bell and Max Fritz this time as an HPD.

After all we are happy to be a part of this good stuff and like to thank the RSRWS guys for their great effort.

Pic. 3 – HPD