Six Hour of the Nurburgring

It is always difficult to find the right words for certain things, or in this case natural disasters.
In recent days, several athletes, companies, TV stations and who knows what else, have shown an incredible amount of solidarity and collected donations for the flood victims in Germany, still ongoing.

As this flood also hits a big part of the Eifel, which is to be known for the legendary Nurburgring, we as a Simracing community also stand together. And what better way is there to do a charity race on one of the most famous tracks around the globe?

At a 6 hour charity event around the „Schleife“, we will do our part. The race will be streamed by us in its entirety from the cockpit of a McLaren GT4.

All donations we receive at this time will be donated to the organization.

So have a look over on our Twitch and leave a dono.