Our Team

5 Star Motorsport was founded in Fall 2020. We do participate in iRacing. We race all major events plus high quality private leagues like SCO and IVRA.

This is who we are:

Have a look at all the other drivers of our current rooster:


Max RiedmüllerLMP2
Jelle WoltersGT3
Rune JannssensGT3, GT4
Jason CooperGT3, TCR
Adam IsakssonGT3
Simon J NicolsonGTE, GT3
Nico CarnemollaGT3


Maximilian FritzLMP2 / GT3
Jörn von WendtLMP2 / GTE
Casper de KortLMP2
Lars FisherGT3
Christian FranzGT3
Lukas MüllerGT3 / GTE
Michael BrennanGT3 / GTE