iRacing Bathrust 12h | Recap

Last weekend the iRacing Bathurst 12 hour race occurred. We fielded four entries among one of the most difficult races of the year within the iRacing service.

Our newcomers from Australia already drove the Friday night 10pm GMT timeslot. In their race everything went very well, sitting in P3 until shortly before the end a slight driving error with wall-contact compromised their race. At the end they finished on a solid 10th place.

Our second BMW with the all-German line-up followed on Saturday morning. The team around squad leader Maximilian Fritz was able to take a very solid second place behind Rubens Barrichello and Olli Pahkala, whom the most of you may know from his former times with the later to follow race-winning team of Redline.


The race of our main entry also went well until shortly before the end. In a 7k SOF-field, Jason and Max were able to drive for a finish within the top 20. Until very short before the end of the race Jason made a minor mistake that made required repairs necessary. With only 5 mintues to go both decided to end the race with the meatball and got a 3 lap penalty after the finish. Therefor they dropped down to P25.
Still this is a very good result given the fact this was a ridiculous high rated split.

Unfortunately, the race of our Ferrari 488 in the 12 GMT 4th split did not go as planned. They had a first incident as early as lap 17 into the second corner when a completely over-motivated rival tried to overtake us half-heartedly and completely missed his braking point, sending us into the wall.

Yet our guys were able to continue, but their race only lasted for a couple of laps longer, as a spinning opponent blocked the track in „The Cutting“ and the following train didn’t come to a stop in time, so that we were only victims in the Sandwitch.

Flying cars

Overall, we are satisfied with the result of the races, even if things could have gone better for two cars. Either way, we are looking forward to the upcoming iRacing Major Event in Sebring at the end of March.