RSRWS Round No. 1 | Results

Round no. 1 of the Racing Sim Rigs World Championship was a very eventful race for both our participants Casper and Julian.

The first meeting of the season took place in Donington Park, England.
Our drivers started in the Munich-fired BMW M4 GT3. Unfortunately, from the beginning of the training sessions, the car seemed to struggle with performance. The qualification results matched accordingly.
While Casper made it to starting position 16, which was the best placed BMW on the grid, Julian had to be content with starting position 22.

The first race was marked by many incidents. „There were a lot of aggressive moves being tried, a lot of them ending up in contact. I was able to pick up quite a few positions just by staying out of trouble“, concludes Casper.

„There was good racing too, although again I had to be careful to not be taken out by people sending it into multiple corners. I was able to do a cutback three times on a single Lamborghini and fended him off until the finish“.

Julian wasn’t particularly lucky with incidents either. He was pushed off the track several times and often had to back off to prevent worse.
Therefore he had to start from row one in race two. Unfortunately, the good starting position didn’t last long. „The driving standards weren’t really that good. But that’s usually the case when new drivers have to get to know each other anew. It’s a bit tougher.“ notices Julian.

Immediately after the end of the race, the league organization appealed to the participants in the series to improve the driving standards. The entire race is going to be reviewed, says it on the respective Discord channel. It remains to be seen whether the measures taken will bear consequences and whether the driving will be better from the next race.

As the race is to be reviewed, the following results are provisionally:

NameRace 1Race 2Pos. ChampPoints